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Adult with difficulty using the bathroom

I donít like to use the bathroom until I am almost bursting and then sometimes I donít get there in time.

Opinion of noone:
Your problem sounds same as I did. Every thing you say here is just like me. Some body here said mabey it is from abuse that happend along time ago. That is same for me too. I had abuse from other people. And one more thing too, when I come back out from the bathroom, people are doing some thing else from when I went in. It is hard for me to change to the new thing. It is hard to be together with them again. Some times they dont want me back. That makes me sad. So I dont like to go. Mabey it is same for you too.

But I am thinking and thinking about why I did this and how I stopped. I learned one more thing why for me. But I hope it is not same for you. Here is why. I think I did it because it was not a nice feeling for me. I dont like me because I am different from people. I dont know why. I try to be like people but I dont know how. There is some thing wrong with me but I dont know how to fix it. So I like it when I dont feel nice about me, because I dont. So now I dont do this with the bathroom any more. But I do other things to make me feel bad. You dont want to do those things. They are not nice. I think they are called self injuries. I hope you dont do these things. I think what the people here say is good, about make your self go to the bathroom even when you dont think you want to. But I dont want you to start do other things if you can go to the bathroom better. You are very nice. Please dont do other things to take place of this bathroom problem to make you feel bad. I hope you learn that it is not this thing for you. You are too nice.

[my thanks to noone for allowing me to use this opinion on my site]

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