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AS Opinions of NT

Why do many AS adults seem to hate NTs?

My Opinion:
I will give you my own personal example of why it might be understandable for some AS to hold the opinions about NT that they do hold. As far as I know, these examples do not apply to any other AS on this board, so please do not think that they do. They apply to myself only, except where I note otherwise.

While I was growing up, it seems I was never acceptable to anyone. I said and did strange things. I did not understand quite a lot of things. I had basically no friends, altho I thought I did, friends being those people who did not torment me. There was also the occasional person who actually tolerated my presence. I was ridiculed, beaten, spit on, kicked, choked, thrown from moving vehicles, held down and cut with scissors, burned with cigarettes, set on fire twice, I think you get the picture. I also know of AS people who were molested and raped. I do not know the personal experiences of the other AS who post here, but I can believe they might have a few similar stories to tell you.

If I had never met an occasional NT who actually treated me nicely, instead of merely tolerating my presence or worse, then I might view this world in such a way that I too would like to eliminate all NTs. But fortunately, I have met a few NTs who are nice to me, and some that actually might like me for who I am, rather than what I "should be" but am not. I try not to be prejudiced against a person for ANY reason, because in my own life I have been the subject of such prejudice because I do not say and do "normal" things. But I do try to learn about people and this world where I am living, and if I discover that most people will treat me in XX manner, it is very difficult for me to believe that someone will NOT treat me in such a manner. If in fact I try to believe that a person will actually be nice to me, I might learn that my trust was misplaced, and then I will be hurt twice by this person, first because my trust was misplaced and violated, and second because I was stupid enough to trust someone when my experience is such that I should have learned my lesson and WHY WAS I SO STUPID AND DID NOT REMEMBER WHAT I HAVE LEARNED ABOUT PEOPLE.

I did like a previous example of the treatment of blacks. They were so severely mistreated for so long, it is no wonder that many of them believe that all whites are prejudiced or worse. They have their separate organizations and things, and until recently no one thought anything of that, just similar people with similar experiences getting together to feel solidarity and acceptance. And if whites would do that, then it is perceived as discrimination. I believe people should be allowed to associate in private organizations with whomever they want, and people have the right to believe whatever they want, so long as those beliefs do not translate into actions which can harm others. We are all humans and deserve to be treated with respect.

I do not agree that all whites believe that all blacks are sub-humans, any more than I believe that all NTs believe that all AS are sub-humans, or even that all AS believe that all NTs are sub-humans. But some of them do, probably because at least partially, they have never met whites or AS or NTs that have treated them with the respect they deserve as human beings. I don't like blanket statements about any group of people, as all people are unique individuals, but I can understand why some people might think that way.

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