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AS Adult and Child Recovery Story

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[This story is by an internet friend of mine]

My son and I have come a long way in two months' time. We are the same as always, minus the bad stuff. The improvement I, and others, have seen in my son is phenominal! I'm also amazed at the changes in myself.

My son and I no longer have the anxiety we once suffered from, nor do we fall into the deep dark depressions we have experenced in the past. My son does not have the meltdowns he used to have. The obsessions he has always had still enthrall him--but he is managing them in a way that all of us can live with.

My son was having extreme problems. He was urinating up to forty-five times a day and he was having some pain. I took him from doctor to doctor, and of course they didn't have an answer. I was told he was drinking too much (he would only drink twenty ounces a day), they said he was too nervous, they said he must be constipated (that one was true, but was not the real problem). I read somewhere that red dye can cause frequent urination and decided to look into it. Since my son was about two years old, his favorite drink was fruit punch--red dye!! I had no idea I was poisoning his kidneys! I stopped giving him fruit punch and started making him drink some water and white grape juice, also a little milk each day. The frequent urination quickly went away. I was so happy! So was he!

A friend told me that red #40 had one the highest amounts of phenols. Phenols? I started reading about phenols and I noticed that my son was having many of the reactions that were indicated. I just didn't know it was caused from phenols until I read that information. My son was having red hot ears, dark rings under his eyes, trouble sleeping, and unusual laughter, as well as unusual fears. One fear he had was that anything that was growing and green could be poisonous.

This led me to start reading about enzymes. I tried zyme prime first. This took away the bloating I usually had after eating, but didn't do anything else for me. I tried it on my son and his reaction was not very good. He said the foods tasted funny with enzymes on them. I also noticed his ears were very red and he was being very silly. I stopped this enzyme.

Then I heard about a product called No Fenol for children who were having a problem with phenols. I read the stories of many parents who were having wonderful results with this product. I tried it on myself first. The next day after taking two capsules (one in the morning and one at night), I woke with loads of energy I had not had in awhile. By the end of the week I was full of energy and strength I have not had since before I had children. I started my son on No Fenol. The first three days, he experenced loose stools. I had the same reaction, as did many other children who started on the product.

While I was feeling very alive and strong the first two weeks on No Fenol, my son had become very emotional. He had depression and was crying a lot. (I believe this was because of a yeast die-off.) At the same time I noticed his anxiety was starting to dwindle. This is when all the changes started to happen for us.

I asked my son if he would go out with me while I took digital pics of our town. He said sure. SURE?? My son fights with me when I asked him to just go out side in the yard with his sister. He never wants to go anywhere. While we were out he never asked when we were going back home, he didn't complain, and he had a nice time. I bought him his own camera from the drug store and he also took pictures. He and I went to a beach near our home--typically I would say let's go back home or make an excuse to leave if I saw lots of ppl at the beach. I would typically try to hide and would not like being there. At the beach there was a handful of ppl. Enough to make me run. But I didn't mind, nor did my son, and we took a nice walk.

After 3-4 weeks taking two No Fenol a day, I had to back down to one because the effect on me was too strong. My nerve endings were jumping and I was twitching and, boy, did I have lots of energy. I had backed my son down to half a capsule when he was very emotional and that helped him. Later I worked him back up to a full capsule and sometimes now I take two capsules--but not every day.

Suddenly my son seemed to start to mature! He was ASKING IF HE CAN HELP BRING IN THE GROCERIES! He laughed about his sister when she would become annoying! My son also joined a day camp without any fight at all! Not only that, but he loved going and has not complained yet. He has made lots of friends there and he is going in the water without any problems. He used to be afraid his face would get wet or he might drown. The only thing he complains about now is that I pick him up too early. ppl that have not seen him in months are amazed at the changes they see in him. They point out things I had not noticed. He used to put his Pokemon cards in visitors' faces and tell them all about them and would go on and on till I stopped him. Now when ppl are over, he entertains himself with his cards and games in his room.

His voice is not as loud as it use to be. He went to a boy's house he had never been to before and didn't ask me a million questions before going. It's really wonderful!

One night, my friend and I took the kids out to dinner after day camp. My son was a little emotional and quiet. He was worried because they had served a fruit punch drink at snack time and he drank it. I told him I thought it would be ok. At dinner I had not noticed but he had a piece of cake with pink frosting and a red swirl in the cake. Right there in front of our eyes we saw him revert back to his old ways. He curled up in the fetal position and was trying to hide in the bench seat. I realized I had not given him a No Fenol that morning. It was amazing to see what happens to him with out the enzyme. I try to make sure he gets it everyday now.

Now for me, I can't believe I have been able to talk to ppl. This may not seem like anything to others, but I can look at and talk to a waitress now. I have called parents I have never spoken to before without practicing a million times before calling. I quit making excuses to avoid going to public places. No longer do I dwell on what I have said to someone, or how I worded it, or how they interpreted it. I had two visitors staying in my home for many weeks and I didn't feel trapped or overwhelmed. OH! I went to baby shower (something I really abhore). I didn't get nervous, I talked to ppl (about no fenol) and I felt OK. Not happy, or giddy or nervous, I just felt OK.

The weird thing is that I miss depression. I still get sad, but not deep dark depressions. I miss that sometimes. Weird, huh? But that's me. I am still very different, still think in an odd way and am still creative in some areas. I just don't have the bad stuff anymore. Nor does my son. No fear, no depression, no drugs, NO FENOL!

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