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Chelation Recovery Story

More on this child's story here: http://paulchelation.blogspot.com/

The body snatchers paid us a visit today. Someone took my son for about half an hour and left a somewhat more typical child here. My conversations with my son, if you can call them that never go beyond me asking him a question, him answering and beyond that its done. To stay in a single interaction, without interruption or change of topic/toy/plaything, for more than 5 minutes is unheard of. I'm still so in shock of what happened today that I can't even cry the happy tears I want to. I'm still too busy replaying it in my head trying to believe it.

Paul is 3.8 and we've done 5 rounds so far. First 4 were DMSA only, round 5 included ALA.

Paul came out of his room with a grey sweatshirt jacket and a yellow raincoat he had taken off hooks in his room. He came in the living room where I was and said outloud, but not particularly to me "Wanna play coat game?" So I said "Want Mommy to play the coat game with you?" I have no idea what the coat game is but I'm going with it.

Paul - "Yes. Which you want? This one, or that one?" (holding up both coats)

Me - (pointing to the yellow one) "that one"

He hands me the coat and I put the hood on my head and drape the rest over my shoulders best I can. He's struggling to get the sweatshirt jacket on so I asked "Do you need help?" He said "yes, fix it."

We laughed and played peekaboo with the hoods. I put my coat on backwards and did peekaboo. Finally he tells me "Mommy coat off." He tried to take his off and it got caught up on his wrist and he said "help me coat off." So I helped and then he handed me the sweatshirt and said "mommy this coat on" and he took the raincoat and tried to put that on. We played same as before for about 5 minutes then again he told me "Mommy coat off."

I took it off and he took his off, counted to 3, threw his coat in the air and said "TA- DA" and laughed and said YAY!! He told me "Mommy TA-DA" so the two of us stood in the living room throwing coats in the air and yelling TA DA for about another 10 minutes. I'd throw mine so it would purposely land on his head and he'd just throw his at my head. What a riot, what a great afternoon!!!


This kid is going to drive us nuts but keeps us laughing.

Last night Paul pulled one of his all nighters, up from 2am to 6am. Big Paul took him out to the living room. Big Paul sleeps on the couch and little Paul has one of those kiddy sofas that pulls out so his father set him up there. All the lights were off but the neighbors sidespots were on for some reason and lighting up the dining room. Paul would try to get up and "go play toys" and his father would tell him to lay down and go to sleep. Paul would lay down, whine, get very quiet and his father would think he was asleep. Again, Paul would slowly get up, and try to go get a toy. Again, his father (so much easier than saying Big Paul or little Paul) would tell him "lay down and go to sleep."

That's when my brilliant yet sneaky boy got up and slowly walked across the room toward his dinosaurs on the dining room table that he has failed to get about 10 times already. Just as his father was about to tell him to get back on his bed Paul started making fake snoring noises!! He "snored", got one dino and brought it back. Laid down quietly for a few minutes, got up, walked across the room making snoring noises, grabbed another dino and came back. His father was trying so hard not to laugh but when Paul pressed the button that makes the dino roar, he ouldn't hold it in anymore!!

Thanks for letting me share

[My thanks to Kerrie for allowing me to use her child's story on my site.]

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