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Teaching a Child to Swallow Capsules

My idea:

I taught my kids to swallow capsules by using very small capsules, and smearing them with peanut butter or honey. Then I would push the capsule to the back of their tongue, where they would automatically swallow it.

Another idea:

I started with one pellet of Lauricidin in a little spoon of applesauce, then one probiotic pearl, then a very little cap, and bigger caps. I waited a few days to make sure my kids "master" one before moving to the next one. Then I moved to swallowing the caps with a drink.

Another idea:

1. Child must be able to drink with a straw. Buy straws.

2. Collect the various sizes of capsules that you open and empty over several days so you have lots of empties.

3. Pour cup of absolute favorite drink and make sure child knows that it is his/her favorite. Place drink with straw in position so child must bend head down over it. At low table or on typical table with child standing on stool or chair works.

4. Start with tiniest empty cap. Place on tongue and immediately bend the child over the drink and have him/her suck through straw. Help child back to upright position to swallow.

5. Empty capsule will have floated to the back of the throat if this is done properly and the swallow reflex will wash it down.

6. Lots of praise, etc. Work up the skill slowly with added frequency, size, full capsules, then multiples.

7. My recommendation is after the first success with a real capsule, the child is never allowed to spit a pill out again without having it forced down. Mark only tested us once in this way. After 3 days of "training" with a straw, Mark was sick of one-at-a-time, and began to swallow caps by the handful.

8. This is second only to potty training in parental workload relief.

Good luck!

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