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Chelation Recovery Story

I am writing this to put it in the archives for myself and also I thought that it possibly would be useful to those of you just embarking on the chelation path.

For those of you who don't know, my granddaughter, age 4.5 was diagnosed with ADHD, but she surely had some sensory integration and "neuro" issues at the age of 3. She has been in front of two developmental neuro-pediatricians and usually performs at a level above her "usual" when in front of anybody who is assessing her. My daughter and I are convinced she does this to try and drive us crazy, just kidding!!

When she turned 3, it was very difficult to carry on a conversation with her or get her attention. She had severe balance and coordination problems. Her gross motor skills were severely lacking. She could not hop/skip/jump. Her fine motor skills were lacking. She did not hold her pencil correctly nor could she print with the pressure required to make the pen/pencil show up on the paper. She could NOT sit still. She reversed her pronouns. She would not pet any animal. She had severe allergies. She could not dress or undress herself. She had difficulty knowing how to play with kids her own age, she wanted to, but sometimes was inappropriate. She obviously had vision problems, she would squint one eye and turn her head as if she was trying to focus, when pointing something out to us. She was extremely shy around strangers.

She had some pretty serious auditory sensitivity, covered her ears frequently. She was anorexic and could/would go for days without eating. She would cry uncontrollably with little provocation. You could not tease her, or even call her a nickname or she would object. I would have said she was pretty normal cognitive-wise, but I suspected that we were unaware of her true potential. Her language met the age requirement, but she had already taught herself to read and we could never get either of the two developmental peds past that, or anyone else, like her dad, or grandfather (psychiatrist), for that matter.

We had a hair test done, and it was unremarkable for disordered mineral transport, but did show extremely low levels of mercury being excreted. She did not meet any counting rules. She had been taking supplements since she was 3.4 years, which did reduce, but not eliminate, some of the symptoms.

We began chelation, dmsa/ala, at 4.1 years, after a long, long nine months of research. At round 28, the yeast was getting pretty bad, she was pretty uncomfortable. It also appeared to be impossible to give her enough zinc, so we decided to give the dmsa a rest and try td-dmps with ala. We did according to Andy's protocol with the td-dmps every 6 hours during the day, every 8 hours at night, the ala, every 3 hours during the day, every 4 at night. We give vitamins/minerals all the time. If we see any slippage at all, we will go back to the dmsa. The zinc issues went away when the dmsa were discontinued, so probably was responsible for them. She was not low in zinc prior to chelation.

I have to say that her cognitive skills really took off with the td-dmps. We are seeing very complex, higher-order thinking, well beyond her 4.5 years. I really don't know why. I have some suspicion that this improvement is due to the glutathione precursors in the td-dmps, but she was supplemented with glutathione precursors and lipo glutathione with some improvement before. Buttar promised to test the td-dmps, but has gone past the time that he promised. Also, he has come out with some lame minerals and will only disperse those through a Dr., getting very suspicious here.

So, now 7 months later, this is where we are:

Coordination problems: Gone, she is taking dance now and doing beautifully, dresses/undresses self.

Balance problems: Gone, can walk the balance beam unattended.

Sensory issues: Gone, pets any animal.

Auditory sensitivity: Gone, no longer covers her ears.

Pronoun reversal: Gone, this left completely with supplements.

Shyness: Gone, will talk with anybody who talks to her and even when they don't.

Gross motor skills: Age appropriate, skips, jumps, catches/throws, rides her bike.

Fine motor skills: Age appropriate, holds pencil correctly, exerts the appropriate pressure when writing.

Language development: Age 8, on a bad day.

Allergies: Gone, NO more stuffiness for the last 3 months, height of allergy season here.

Hyperactivity: Totally, gone, energetic, but not "driven" anymore, ever.

Vision: Checked out by behavioral optometrist, NO problems with convergence/vision/eye health.

Weight: Was always in the 25% for weight, now in the 45%.

Mood: Pleasant, no more "weepies". Tells lots of jokes, likes to play practical jokes on others and have them played back on her.

The following issues are spotty, but greatly improved in the last 7 months:

Motivation: sometimes great/sometimes not.

Attention: about 75% better, can play games until their end, not so easily distracted, she will answer ?'s when the TV is on.

Social: she sometimes has some difficulty getting started with peers, but when she does have trouble after she gets started, she is fine.

Appetite: much better with zinc and probiotics, will now say she is hungry, but still doesn't like to eat.

Independence: We are starting to hear "I can do it all by myself"

We are exhausted, but plan to keep going until these last issues are permanent. Thanks for your attention. Hopefully, this was helpful for someone other than myself.

[My thanks to Rebecca for allowing me to use her grandchild's story on my site.]

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