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Constipation Ideas

[Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. This information is for general use only, it is not medical advice. If you would like medical advice regarding your child's specific condition, please consult with your licensed health care practitioner.]

Merck Manual information on constipation:

Typical constipating foods are milk, wheat, rice, apples, and bananas. If your child is eating these things, you might want to consider removing them from his diet and see if the constipation improves.

Certain supplements can also be constipating. For example, evening primrose oil [Omega 6], fish oil [Omega 3], biotin, and selenium were very constipating for my family. [Calcium and iron can also be constipating.] Adding magnesium was required.

Certain supplements can help with constipation. Using digestive enzymes can help, here are two good enzyme companies.



Other supplements which can help with constipation are magnesium, vitamin C, and carnitine.

If your child has been prescribed Miralax, here is information on potential negative effects


For many children, constipation problems are the result of heavy metal toxicity. I have a page of information on that here


This is a very good site by a mother whose child has constipation issues because of loss of large intestine/imperforate anus. Many of these ideas are helpful for autistic kids also


Ideas from others

Yeast can cause constipation. Add probiotics. Other yeast info:

Aloe vera capsules

Smooth Move Tea by Traditional Medicinals (available at many supermarkets)

Oxy-Powder colon cleanse

Fiber Choice, a product that comes as an orange-flavored wafer.

Added fiber, ground flax seed, raisins, prune juice, Fruit-eze jam (fruit-eze.com)


Olive Oil

NAG (n-acetyl-glucosamine)

malic acid


mineral oil [this one is controversial]

At the DAN! Conference in Philly, there was a good presentation on overcoming extreme constipation. To order that session, call 1-800-NOW-TAPE

Glycerine suppositories [like BabyLax]

Dulcolac-We used this for the first three-four days to get the stool moving, then followed with 2-3 tbsp. mineral oil ( my daughter is severely constipated and there is also impacted stool)

6 glasses of water per day ( my daughter drinks only 1/2 cup juice per day, unless it is prune)

Regular bathroom routine

Stool under the childs feet for added support (rather than dangling feet)

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