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Diabetes Recovery Story

Message One, by Amy

I can tell you the facts: I could not take any oral meds because although my blood sugar gets very high with any form of carbs, the meds plunged it dangerously low, consistently, even on small doses. I tried every variety and every combo. So I was trying to regulate it by not eating most types of carbohydrates, and taking chromium when I did (which, by the way, is still a good idea, for me anyway.)

However when I started taking No Fenol enzyme this spring - because I was getting fleas regularly from a friend's dog, and I considered yeast to be related to that, in regard pH balance - my "good" blood sugars went up 10 points, to read in the 100's, and they stayed there. So whereas before No Fenol I'd be 125-130 fasting, in the 90s before eating (if I was lucky and it wasn't 70), and well over 160 after eating, now I stay at 104 pretty much all the time, no matter what I eat, or how much, etc. It's really remarkable. I just went and took it right now and it was 104. It's ALWAYS 104.

To be fair I don't eat gluten, foods with chemicals, or sugar, ever; but still, even when I was on a very restricted diet carbohydrate- wise, eating mainly chicken and eggs, my sugars were very swingy (I already have glaucoma from that) and they are remarkably stable now. I would probably test negative also for diabetes at this point, although, still somewhat hypoglycemic.

My assumption is that it killed yeast in a way that nothing else ever did, even massive doses of Nystatin and GSE, and has kept it at bay. Also, I my sulfer metabolism was horrendous, which I didn't realize.

Now, if I miss taking No Fenol in the morning, by the middle of the day, I literally have to go to bed, til I remember to take them, and my sugars get really wacky again. It only takes a few hours off my usual amount of No Fenol for things to get really off. So it's definitely doing something.

I hope that helps and more to the point, clarifies so no anonymous lurkers on the internet go off their diabetes medication any time soon, without good cause anyway. I have been kind of nervous about elaborating previously because I don't want to encourage anyone to try this, if their diabetes isn't exactly like mine - diabetes is nothing to mess with - but those of us who post are quite intelligent, and also, I'm pretty sure there's a disclaimer here.


Message Two, by Anita

Okay guys, holy cow! I printed out our posts about the Type II diabetes stuff with the NoFenol, and showed them to my husband who is having such a bad time keeping his sugar under control. Welllll... he agreed to take one with his dinner last night. Granted, we didn't have any carbs with our dinner, but still his sugars have been running 180-200 2 hours after dinner for the last couple of weeks, even without carbs, and it was just recommended he raise his insulin amount (again) by his endocrinologist. Well, last night, 2 hours after dinner with the NoFenol, his sugar level was 128!!! hmmmm... So he agreed to "test" it. He didn't raise his insulin amount, and also had a few potato chips and a spoonful of peanut butter before bed, which would normally shoot him up to 220-230 the next morning, fasting. He also took another NoFenol. Well, this morning, his sugar reading was 182. Still high, but under 200 for the first time in 2 weeks! wow... we're both impressed, but want to keep "testing" this... can you say "to good to be true," boys and girls? Can this be helping both my Aspie daughter AND her stepfather with a totally different problem?


[My thanks to Amy and Anita for allowing me to use their families' stories on my site.]

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