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DTT-NET for Homeschool

How would I use DTT-NET for my home program?

My Opinion:
Instead of sitting my son in a fixed place, which he does need occasionally, I teach him concepts throughout his day. Here are some examples. For clothing, when I help him get dressed, I take 2-3 shirts out of his closet and ask "what is this?" He will say "shirt" (hopefully!!). Then I ask "which one do you want?" He will generally point, because he is like me, he won't actually talk unless it is required. So I ask "what color is it?" or I point to the design, if any, and ask "what is this?" Stuff like that. Same for pants.

When we eat, I give him choices of food and ask basically the same questions "what is this", "which one do you want", make him tell me color, we are starting to count the chips, etc. When we play with toys, he will get out his Thomas Trains and I will ask same type of questions, including "what color is this?" and "who is this?". We are starting to count the track pieces as we assemble the layout. He can count to 10 now. For the bath, we wash different body parts and he labels them, says "wash hand", etc. He also asks me to tickle certain body parts too!!

Many times I do have to introduce the concepts at the table, for example I put different color chips in front of him and have him point to each one and echo the color label (or shape, or whatever). He can generally learn the first time, then I do it as described above.

For verbs, similar thing, I make him say "jump" or "swing", etc. For prepositions, we have a game with a large blanket, I say "under" or "over" and show him the game. Then later, if he wants to play that game, he says the correct word and gets into the correct position. I have other games for in/out, up/down, inside/outside. I hide things under his bed for generalization of "under", etc.

I also have two other people come in, friend and relative, each person once each week, and do the same things, so he can learn the styles and slightly different techniques of more than one person, which really helps him for generalizing and not only listening to me. Also, I do some things while waiting in lines, at the park, at the store, etc, to help him learn in different situations. It also helps distract him from long waits or overload situations, he will focus on me and not the situation.

We are currently working on saying more than just 2 words together. For example, he will say "want cup" and I am trying "want water in cup", etc, but he will generally use as few words as possible, it's like he is saying "but mom, if you already know what you want me to say, why are you making me say it", very funny to see him!!

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