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Enzyme Recovery Story

Hi everyone, We have been crawling through the autism maze for almost 15 years and have recently been exploring enzymes. I am amazed that two DAN!s have not put any emphasis on using digestive enzymes. We began giving Jordan HNI enzymes in a willy nilly fashion not understanding all of the potential benifits until I read Karen's book Enzymes for Autism... This would explain why his good and bad days were like a roller coaster. Soooo frustrating because we could never figure out what we did right when he had a good day.

Jordan is almost 15 so I'll try to keep it short. We have done many of the therapies, suppliments (tons), recent chelation, and diets with little improvement. He has been SCD for over a year and we are still fighting a bad yeast overgrowth. Believe it or not, he has never had D or C and has one to two BM's a day. He also has never had any bloating or pain in the tummy area.

Since Jordan had been getting HNI enzymes sprinkled on most meals I figured he was ready for more. He now gets ZYME and PEPTIZYDE at each meal and NO-FENOL between meals and with fruit. The change was almost immediate. In one day, he went from grumpy, growling, defient, stimmy behavior, to a completely different person. He wakes up happy, is more conversational, doesn't insist on watching his DVD's for the zillionth time. Want's to help with house chores like vacuuming, sweeping, folding his clothes. He is beginning to do things in an excited way such as button his own shirt, washing his own hair and body in the shower, peel his apple, put the food on his plate. These are all things we have had to do in the past.

Typically, from what I have read, this is not the response one would expect from a 15 year old. Suddenly, I have renewed strength and optimism to keep going. This is the improvement that I have been hoping for for so many years. The changes we have seen in the past week have been incredible. Jordan has really been able to verbally express himself this week. The other day he said "Cheer up Dad, I know it's hard on you". I had to go into another room to have a joyful cry.


Dad to Jordan

[My thanks to David for allowing me to use his child's story on my site.]

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