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FAS/Schizophrenia/Autism Recovery Story

We finalized adoption for my son, he is 10 years old. He now has a permanant family. If you don't remember, my son is the kid that went through 8 homes in 10 yrs of his life. No one wanted this kid and he was labeled retarded and schizophrenic when he was 8-1/2 years old.

Well. Make a long story short. He was in the hospital for chest pains and wild behavior. DCFS dragged his hiney to the mental health center where I was told to leave him there...indefinitely...as no one wanted this poor kid. I kept telling them he was not retarded, it was something else. His vocabulary was about 500 words, that's it. His mother did drugs and he has motor skill problems, balance problems and vision problems. He is also Fetal Alchohol Syndrome kid.

Well...Some dude there just happened to see my son in action and said he was autistic, and tossed him back out of the mental health center. He said the kid was not nuts and did not belong there. Whew!!!

I bought the Houston enzymes, pulled milk, yellow cheese, all chemicals, detoxed the kid with L. Ron Hubbard Clear Body, Clear Mind book (It is a nutrition/vitamin/niacin and sweat program done in a sauna) and watched this boy start to learn and talk.

Well. Here is my long story shortened. I brought him to the Dr. two weeks ago that he has been seeing since three yrs old. The office where I brought him, the Dr there was the one who labeled the poor kid retarded. I told her the kid was diagnosed high functioning autistic and could not see. (We went to NY to Dr. Kaplan and my son was fit with the special glasses. Turns out he could not see depth perception and only could see two letters on a page of words.)

I told the Dr. about the Houston enzymes, and the no milk, no cheese, wheat, no chemicals, detox etc. Well, she asked my son a few questions, and the kid answered them. She almost fell off her chair. This kid could hardly talk a year and a half ago. He still has problems with balance, motor skills etc. But not as bad as before. Isn't that funny? She just stared at him, and he talked her ear off this time. She removed the retarded label from his diagnosis.

Now, I know every kid is different. I am just very pleased with everyone on this posting board, and want to thank you all. You have all given me the courage to keep this young boy and work with him on his diet, and give him enzymes. I think enzymes happen to work. A sincere, many many thanks to all of you. Do not give up or go into despair, there is always hope.

[My thanks to Gayle for allowing me to use her son's story on my site.]

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