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Non-Autism Metal Toxicity

Hi everyone. Recently, someone asked what heavy metal toxicity looks like in kids without ASD.

My sister has three boys, none of which have Autism Spectrum Disorder. All, however have issues. The youngest is 18 months more or less. He is great fun and social and understands everything you say. He has no OT issues, sensory or otherwise. The speech therapist thinks it is too early to say for certain, but she has thrown out the term "apraxia".

The second is 3.5 years old. He is normal in EVERY way, except for the asthma and allergies that have landed him in the hospital.

And the oldest is a REAL BOY. He loves to get messy, wrestle with his Dad and brothers, etc. He has also always had difficulties in preschool. He didn't listen, make eye contact with the teacher, was a tad hyperactive, and had some OT issues like inability to use scissors and hold a pencil properly. The kindergarten teacher called the mom into school in December to tell her to put him in OT because he wasn't going to be ready for first grade next year.

Of course, I encouraged her to send out heavy metal hair tests on all the boys. They all came back toxic. No surprise since they are first cousins to my son and I think that the inability to process heavy metals is genetic. Just my theory.

So, my sister started chelating her oldest, with the guidance of an MD in her area about a month ago. She didn't see any changes at home. He still fights with his brothers, still has tons of friends, still wrestles with Dad, etc. She received a call from the teacher this week to come in for another talk. Guess what? Her oldest is suddenly showing tremendous progress in school. His attention is unbelievably improved. He can answer every question the teacher asks. My sister said that it was the first positive parent teacher conference she has had about him since he was in the two's program four years ago!

My sister hasn't started chelating the other two. She's not sure how to get them to take the medicine. The doctor suggested that she at least try MB12 shots with the baby. He had a shot Saturday morning. Sunday morning he woke up talking. He went to bed talking and woke up Monday morning mute again. Just couldn't get the sounds out.

There are probably a ton of kids like this out there. Toxic and suffering and no one has a clue. I am glad that at least my son's autism has helped his cousins. My son continues to make great improvements with DMPS. Will keep you all posted.

[my thanks to Chaya for allowing me to use this story on my site]

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