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PDD Recovery Story

Hi! I just wanted to share some progress with Jason (6.5 yo PDD-NOS). We stopped supplements for a period of 2 months earlier this year and then added Houston enzymes to our protocol back in March when the P5P/mag seemed to make him hyper. After the initial adjustment to the enzymes, we added back in supplements and he was much more well adjusted. Upon the completion of Kindergarten this past school year we added oral DMSA to our protocol on 3 on 7 off since we had more flexibility and recently added in ALA to the protocol completing 1 round with it. So far so good!

My family lives and hour and a half away and have notices HUGE gains with him since we began chelation!!! Joint attention is much better, eye contact, following multi-level directions without repeating, increased auditory processing, motor planning has required less repeated practice with a new skill-now only 1-2 practices with verbal prompts, less anxiety when new situations arise, not much perseveration with urinals when we go to a new store (wanting to see the bathroom), social reciprocity with him asking appropriate questions to the topic with at least 7 turns! and spontaneous appropriate social interaction with peers and adults: including manners, greetings, eye contact, being helpful, not prompting and much more!

We had to laugh last week when we joined the gym and had been taking the kids to the pool to swim. I wanted to work out and the boys had to go to the child care. He was protesting before we left because he wanted to swim, so I lied and said that the pool was closed to be cleaned because someone had peed in it (I know---sham on me). Well, he had an oh crap look on his face and said slowly, "I peed in the pool." It was like a A-ha moment for him. You just had to be there! DH finally admitted to me that he thinks the chelation is working for him. Yahoo!!!

Well, our SLP had asked me last month what I have added to his protocol because he has be 'right on' for over 6 weeks especially the auditory processing.......hummmmm.... I then shared with her the chelation and we were so pleasantly surprised with his 6 months reevaluation report that I had to share.

March of 2005 the SLP had administered the CELF-Preschool test (Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals) and Jason at the time was a chronological age of 5.11 yo and his overall scores reflected an estimated age equivalency of 3 yrs 9 months (his receptive language score was 83; percentile rank of 13 and expressive lang score was 85; percentile rank of 16= total lang score of 84; percentile rank of 14).

This August she administered the CELF ages 5-7 which is a much harder test than the preschool one..... his chronological age was 6.3 yo. Here are the results:

receptive language scores- standard score 83, percentile rank 13
expressive lang score- SS 62, percentile rank 1
Total Language score- SS 71, percentile rank 3
Age equivalency------5 years 0 months

He demonstrated a developmental gain of over 1 year in the last 5+ months! I am sooooo excited about this! This is a child who lost the few words he had at 18 months, began EI at 27 months, was diagnosed with dyspraxia (verbal/oral motor), began word approximations at 3 yrs 3 months, finally diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 4.3 yo and is now speaking clearly, developing beautiful skills and getting healed from being mercury poisoned from his vaccinations. He met all three counting rules and today we are so much more hopeful of a complete recovery!!!

Thanks for letting me share our success and 1st grade is so far so good and I have received e-mails already from his ST and aide about how much he has developed over the summer. :o)


[My thanks to Jackie for allowing me to use her son's story on my site.]

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