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Rotation Diet

What is a rotation diet? How can I implement one?

My Opinion:
In general, a rotation diet is one where you "rotate" your foods from one day to the next. For a strict rotation, you would allow one flour, one starch, one veggie, one fruit, one meat, one oil, per day [or every two days]. Then the next day you allow a different flour etc. This can help you identify which days are better for your child, and makes it easier to narrow down the exact food/s which may be causing problems. Also, it prevents your child from developing a new reaction to a food that he previously tolerated. But cooking and such on this type of diet is difficult.

Here is a link for an example of a very strict rotation.


Another way is to do an elimination rotation, which means you remove a food from your child's diet for 2-3 days in a row, but you are not concerned so much with what he DOES eat, just what he does not. This tends to be easier for cooking etc, but you have to keep a better chart. The primary purpose of this method is to keep from developing new intolerances.

Another way is the rotating rotation [LOL]. This would look something like this [I will use flour examples only with the four typical flours], in general you should have 2-3 days "rest" for each food item.

Day 1 -- corn, soy, potatoes, NO RICE
Day 2 -- corn, soy, NO POTATOES, NO RICE
Day 3 -- corn, soy, NO POTATOES, rice
Day 4 -- corn, NO SOY, potatoes, rice
Day 5 -- NO CORN, NO SOY, potatoes, rice
Day 6 -- NO CORN, soy, potatoes, rice
Day 7 -- whatever the child wants to eat

I did the 2-day strict rotation for 4 months, and then the rotating rotation method, but it requires a detailed chart, listing EVERY flour, starch, meat, veggie, fruit, etc. Otherwise it gets really confusing [okay it is very confusing even WITH the chart!!]

Here is another link about rotation diets [rotation info about half-way down the page]


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