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Another SCD Recovery Story

I have three boys all with gut issues from vaccines. My yougest child is two. He is the only one who received the Hep B on the day of his birth. I had no idea he even received the vaccine. My four year old received it at 2 months. I looked back at his doctor records and it shows visits for Colic. He would cry and cry for hours. Of course, it showed up after the vaccine. My 15 year old son received his Hep B at the age of three. His constipation and leakage of bowel movements started at age three. I started him on vitamins and I thought the iron caused it. He suffered for years with bowel problems.

It is true about the vaccines. I have a 4 year old son who was reading and writing before he turned 4 years old on April 11. He was diagnosed with an allergy to milk protein in March 2004. He was active for his age so I put him on a gfcf diet. He was doing great. On April 28, 2004 the doctor informed me that he should have received an MMR at 12 -15 months of age. Some how they missed this shot. He was given MMR, Polio, Hep B and DTAP on April 28, 2004. The first day he fell down a couple times. By the fourth day his leg swelled up and he told me did not feel well. The doctor told me he was fine. He started with whining and crying at silly things that never bothered him before the shot. By the 2nd week he was hiding behind furniture and growling at me. It was not all day, but a slow process. I noticed he was funny about going to the bathroom. He would get feces on the toilet seat and leave it there. He had never done this before the shot. The third week he was biting me and hitting me and making funny faces and laughing for no reason. He became aggressive. He would yell at me if I touched him. Noises bothered him. He seemed most happy watching tv. His facial expression was very strange. He was withdrawn. He was constipated.

My doctor sent us to several specialists who thought I was crazy. They all said vaccines do not cause behavior problems. My husband searched the web and found some info on the MMR and mercury. I called my doctor and asked him and he said the shot did not contain mercury. I asked him to mail me the info on the shots. The Hep B showed it contained (.5 mercury) in the info sheet that comes with the shot. I called my doctor and he said the bottle said it was free of mercury. In my search and by the grace of God I found the Autism Research Institute. My son was treated by a DAN Doctor on May 27, 2004. Within one week of treatment, he was able to write letters and read simple words. He now loves for me to rub his feet and back again. We are using the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (Scd) (www.pecanbread.com). He had a lot of antibiotics as an infant until tubes were put in his ears. All the fecal, blood and urine test showed he had a serious bacteria infection called Clostridium difficile. The doctor treated with Flagyl. The MMR did a number on his gut (leaky gut). The Scd diet makes all the difference. We also use Enzymes for my children. I know in my heart if he would have received the MMR at 12 months, I would have never caught the autism problem. Because he was reading and writing and had a wonderful vocabulary, I notice the difference.

My two year old received his MMR and round of vaccines at the age of 12 months. By the age of 15 months I was told he may have celiac disease. It was the only thing the doctors could come up with. Blood test never showed anything. We put him on a gluten free/soy diet. He gained a little weight but was never the same. In March of 2004 he weighed 22 lbs. I put him on a GFCF diet and I noticed a change. After what happen with my four year old I put all of my kids on Specific Carbhydrate Diet. It fixed his stomach and constipation/diarrhea problem. He is doing wonderful. He now weights 28 lbs and has a lot to say.

I am not saying vaccines are bad but they need to be done at a slower rate and one at a time. Not eight viruses in one day and NO MERCURY. My child will have a chance in life because I did not listen to my son's doctor. My child was saved by a few who challenge the norm on medical issues.

[my thanks to Lynn for allowing me to use her family's story on my site]

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