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Starting or joining a support group

How can I find a support group in my area to join, or start one if I can't find one near me?

My Opinion:
One thing that I know support groups are good for, is respite. Everyone understands the issues, so it is generally easier to find a babysitter, you watch my kids tonight and I'll watch your kids next week. Very nice.

Here are some links that are already on my site, but not grouped together as support groups or anything. I will group them together here on this page and say "to start or join a support group, try these sites".

Also I will mention, if your state has something like CARD [Center for Autism and Related Disorders, look in phone book] that would be good, but the CARD website is obnoxious at the front, and then it hangs, so I won't bother you with including it here.

Try these sites, they will give you names/address/phone/email of local parent groups, just look at these links and find your area and GO!!







Here is the list of DAN doctors, you can approach the ones in your area and ask about support groups or advertising your own group at their office etc.


Here is the State Dept of Special Education list, you can find your state and it will give you a list of parent organizations etc.


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