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Yeast Diet

[This is one diet recommended for eliminating yeast overgrowth. It is not the only diet, but one which has worked for some individuals. It was given to me by a parent, not a doctor.]

The diet to treat yeast (which is ~different~ then a diet to control it) is six weeks strict, then two weeks to make the transition back to GFCF w/ yeast-control modifications. (Total of 8 weeks of diet changes, not something that goes on and on and on. Only 8 weeks is do-able!)

Yes foods:

Veggies, a variety of colors. (Greens: peas, beans, broccoli, cucumbers, lettuce, zuchinni. Yellows: Peppers, squash (all types), etc. Reds: Rhubarb, peppers, radishes, etc., rhubarb is a veggie) You get the idea. (NOTE: Tomatoes are technically a fruit and classify as a fruit for this diet)

Meats: Chicken, turkey, venison. NO: Beef (hamburger, steak, roast), Pork (ham, bacon, etc). No lunch meats, etc. Fresh only, organic if you can afford it.

Grains: Whole grains only, 1/2 cup per day per 50 lbs of body weight (for a child I'd probably do 1/4 a cup for every 25 lbs). Examples: Brown basmatti rice (if your kiddo won't eat brown rice, you can use white basmatti (only basmatti if you use white), but brown is much better) or quinoa flakes. This is not a "minimum" or "maximum" amount, it's more like a "quota", you want this much being eaten each day.

Fruits: Up to a MAXIMUM of 1/2 peeled pear per day. NO OTHER FRUITS (including tomatoes).

Other yes: Eggs

Other "no"s: No sugar in any form, including honey, xylitol, stevia, all the alledgedly "safe" sweeteners. Nothing artificial (colors or flavors). No nitrates/nitrites. Nothing that isn't listed above. Absolutely NO potatoes or corn!

Nothing white (white flour, white sugar, uncle ben's white rice, etc). No ketchup, bbq, ranch, etc. No dairy (including rice milk, DariFree, etc).

Water: For every 2 pounds of weight, drink at least 1 ounce of water. Example: 100 lbs you would drink 50 oz of water. For my weight, which was 170 when I started this diet was 1.5 gallons per day. (Note: When I did this, I lost a LOT of weight, went from a size 18 to a size 8).

Meal ideas:

(1) Grilled chicken breasts with side of veggies.

(2) Use left over chicken breasts for grilled chicken salad. You can put lemon juice in a spray bottle and spritz it with that in place of salad dressing.

(3) Spice up the lettuce by grating carrotts, radishes, cauliflour, and broccoli into it (I have an electric cheese grater so that is a lot easier for me to do then someone who has only a hand grater, but soooooo worth it!)

(4) Breakfast: Pear and rhubarb crisp made with quinoa flakes and shredded coconut.

(5) Scrambled eggs with veggies (onions, peppers, grated carrotts, etc).

(6) Spaghetti: Sub. spaghetti squash for the noodles, sub untomato sauce for the sauce, use ground venison in place of burger, regular GFCF spices are fine as long as they are sugar free too. Untomato sauce is 1 can beets:2 cans carrotts, blended together.

(7) Stir fry: Rice, veggies, chicken stir fry or venison stir fry.

There aren't a lot of meal ideas, but those are a few that I came up with. And remember, it's only strict like this for 6 weeks...Then two weeks of gradually adding back in the other foods, and then you're basically back to just GFCF.

I tried probiotics, yeast aid, oil of oregano, etc. etc. etc. and nothing worked with my daughter except treating her yeast with diet. She had been constipated (w/ blood) since birth, but since I had her do this diet (6 weeks) her BM's have been 100% normal with no more problems. Her yeast has never been a problem again either.

[My thanks to Jodi for allowing me to use this information on my site.]

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